Product Launch. Where’s the champagne app?

Considering I’ve started a company whose services include helping clients update social media, I’m not setting a very good example. I don’t dare look at the date of my first post.

My excuse is a good one, but like all excuses, it’s still an excuse, which implies I haven’t been a good little start-up marketeer.

I have launched a product. The prototype, now superseded by its own first issue and – ­if I get this down before too late and up again at the crack of dawn tomorrow and out and about – the second issue too, is on the products page in PDF, here. Unlike ninety nine point nine per cent of new media products nowadays, it starts in print. Online will come later. Hence the scrappy PDF, not a singing dancing website.

(If I gave myself a share of my own company for every person I’ve shown a hard copy of the prototype who said: ‘You should make an app with this,’ I’d be the next Mark Suckerberg, if[when?] it works. The whole point is, as I explain: ‘I’ve taken the benefits of the web and put them back into print. It is an app, just I’ve printed it, for you and all the people who once in a while, like when they’re on holiday, want to do without their iDevice for half an hour.’)

I came up with the idea as I was doing the rounds of the local media (did I mention that in my first post? I think so). It struck me there was a gap in the print media market and I’d like to plug it. Pun intended.

The reception has been good. I feel good. There’s nothing quite like trying to create something useful and have someone say to you when you hand it to them, ‘Thanks, that’s just what I need.’ (My thanks back to her, the lady who said that over the garden fence of a holiday cottage on Glebe Street in Wells last Saturday, and to her neighbour who shouted, ‘I like it too!’ They kept me going for another hour.)

What I need is to make it pay for itself (maybe it’s like an app after all) with advertising. I’ve made a start but there’s so much to do (China Comparison Alert) and in the UK you can’t simply pluck someone off the street, try them and hire or fire them in a morning. Everyone is much better educated. (Don’t start me on Chinese education.)

There’s masses more I’d love to bore you with about how good it is to be back in the print media game, and an infinity of comparisons between Norfolk and China, but just as I got stuck in with starting ‘My Week in…’ a publisher told me he wants to publish my China media business story – at last (it’s a bit like Star Wars, only not so remunerative. The sequel, China Cuckoo, came out before the prequel) So if you want comparisons, keep reading this, and buy the China media saga when it comes out in November this year. Thankfully the book is already written.

Now I must get back to work and update a client’s social media. I hope he/she doesn’t read this in the next five minutes.

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