This is no stretch (see about us), nor is it very local, yet.

Clients I have worked with on marketing over the years, not including  hundreds of advertisers in that’s Shanghai, that’s Beijing, and that’s Guangzhou magazines:

Naked Retreats (www.nakedretreats.cn)

Wyndham Resorts

Shanghai Tourist Board

Moganshan Mountain

Flexeye Technology (www.flexeye.com)

I’ve written speeches, given speeches, MC’d events, organized events, written for various newspapers, appeared in them, and on TV and radio, (including BBC Radio Norfolk).

Amongst the ‘favours’ I did for the Shanghai Tourism Bureau, the contribution of which I am most proud was coming up with their English catchphrase. The brief was tricky since it had to adhere as closely as possible to the original Chinese: 上海!每天瑰丽

Every time I drove back into the city on the motorway I admired my handiwork on a vast billboard. ‘Seven Wonders of the World, Seven Days in Shanghai!’ (It’s a subtle reworking, ahem.) The Bureau had held a public competition for the catchphrase, with the winner due to enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia. I was invited to dinner. Friends still tease me about it: the cheesy words, not the dinner.

My most effective marketing message to date, designed to stop vast groups (50 people or more) of late middle-aged hikers, with transistor radios and carrier bags full of sweets and fruit, walking through our garden in our Chinese mountain hideaway, was to affix a sign to a tree beside the path: ‘Don’t Take the Snakes.’ Right message, right time, right place. It worked a treat.

A sideline that I like to keep going in my spare time is editing Chinese fiction in translation. I have done a couple of novels for Penguin and some fun short stories for Makedo Publishing in Hong Kong.

Otherwise, as for China, I am trying to move away from that era of my career, though if you insist, for a vast fee, I’ll tell you everything you don’t want to know about doing business there.

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