Going Online

Benedict Marketing is about to get serious about the Internet. At last.

We (we are now plural) in the office (office too) have been working like mad for the past 18 months to get My Week in… our flagship print product, up and running.

Here’s a brief intro, which should have been online months ago.


The My Week in…. series, with editions for Blakeney, Brancaster, Burnhams, Creakes, Thursford and Wells, is a free weekly event newsletter designed for holiday cottages but also distributed – due to demand – to B&Bs, pubs with rooms, caravan site info centres etc. We publish from Easter to Christmas. From our database of all holiday cottages in our areas we see when they are booked and distribute a copy, by hand, on a Friday or Saturday.

The aim of My Week in… is to get cottage guests out and about to local events and venues, or, as one holiday cottage marketing company said: ‘We love it. It stops them counting spoons’.

The advertising is highly targeted for the holidaymaking market. And with every edition being different, we can direct people to the client’s venue, and with the frequency of publication we can adjust, for example, for the families in school holidays and half terms, the older couples, the nature lovers and walkers, high days and holidays, all when ‘in season’. ENDS

Here’s a snap of the current Blakeney edition.

MWi Blakeney 1002 Cover MWi Blakeney 1002 Calendar

Reader feedback is encouraging:

‘Why has no one thought of this before?’


‘Why can’t I have one?’

That last comment comes from cottage-owners who find a copy their guests have left behind. We can’t distribute to the owners because we can’t find out when they are using their cottages, and they are not the market we offer our advertisers.

But we would like satisfy them, the second homers. They have a need.

‘If I could read this it would help me decide when to come to my Norfolk home,’ they say.

Hence the website plans. They’re good. In fact we think they’re pure genius. No one has done anything like it, that we can find, yet.

(How many people have said that about websites? Maybe there’s a good reason why they don’t exist in the form we are thinking of.

One thing we will say – having spent many hours looking through websites for event information to present in print, and to check out the potential to go online ourselves – is this: websites are not as great as they are cracked up to be.

How we… OK, it’s me now … how I miss the good old days when you rang up a theatre manager’s office, spoke to someone, got their info, perhaps by fax, and that was that. Nowadays if you invite someone to tell you their event info so you can put it into print, the standard answer is: ‘It’s all on our website. Bye.’ And is it on the website? I’m sure it is, if you can find it. Will it be clear and complete? Maybe. As for a telephone number to call to confirm something. Forget it. It’s all on the website, remember?)

So we/me are thinking very hard – very hard indeed – about how to create a website that lists events in a user-friendly, helpful way, and supports itself financially.

The idea really is a good one. Whether it will work once it has been through the hands of the little green men in cyberspace, we shall have to wait and see. I’d better get back to work on it.




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