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Guidelines for Art Event Submissions

  1. Events listed in the art event calendar will include, but are not limited to:

Individual or group artist exhibitions. Talks, lectures on art-related themes. Art book launches. Open studios. Art fairs/sales. ‘Paint-outs’. Instructive courses that are ‘one offs’. Art auctions. Charity events and auctions. Launch viewings open to the public.

  1. The art event calendar will not list events such as, but not limited to:

Ongoing or regular, fee paying instruction courses. A ‘new artist’s’ work on sale at a gallery, unless as part of an exhibition. Seasonal changes to normal opening hours. Non art related events. E.g. a wine tasting in a gallery.

  1. Information required.


Title of exhibition, event.

Venue full mail address with postcode and landline phone number.


Dates and opening hours of the event/exhibition, including any variations for weekends, bank holidays etc.

Name of exhibiting artist(s).

Contact details (email and phone) for person with whom we can check content prior to publication. (This will not be published.)

Additional/optional information:

Classification/type/style of event, if applicable or preferable.

Alternative contact details for venue. E.g. mobile phone number.

Event/venue social media link or hashtag

Website address of artist(s).

Short bio or info on artist(s).

One image of artist(s) in person.

One image of work.

Image of venue.

Event sponsor names. (We cannot guarantee publication)

Anything else you think interesting or that might help.

(All detail is welcome, but will not necessarily be published.)

  1. Format for delivery of information

Text in any form is acceptable, via emails or attachments.

Images need to be of sufficient quality and resolution for PRINT reproduction. 1MB is usually enough. Images can be sent via email or dropox, google drive etc.

We sincerely appreciate NOT being directed to websites where we have to dig information out ourselves. This will often result in incomplete information, low resolution or unusable images etc. Please take the trouble to submit the required info directly to us and to the minimum requirement as specified above. Thank you.

Please check the accuracy of information before submitting.

  1. Period of Coverage.

The Directory’s event calendar will cover the period from Easter 2017 (17 April) to Christmas 2017. Please do not submit info for events that fall entirely outside that period.

  1. Event calendar content will be checked by Benedict Marketing Ltd and confirmed with the event organizer prior to publication.
  1. Index. The Directory will list North Norfolk galleries, dealers and art venues in an index. The details that you provide for an event will be the primary source for this index. Every effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of the index.


Benedict Marketing Ltd also publish the popular weekly event newsletter hand-distributed to occupied commercial holiday cottages across North Norfolk: My Week in… Blakeney, My Week in…Brancaster etc.

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