How we do it

Ten Simple steps

  1. We come and see you and your business. You tell us all about it. You tell us who you want to be your clients. You tell us as much as you can about them, or as much as you know about them so far.
  2. Together we come up with the message, which Benedict puts into words and pictures, or a sound bite, or a tweet or blog…
  3. We think of more places where your clients might be, more media they read, hear, watch, more places they pass by, and when, and where can we find some of them all together.
  4. We let loose Benedict the Bloodhound (metaphorical). Benedict the Bloodhound finds those clients, in the nicest possible way. He’s not a real bloodhound.
  5. Benedict (the real people not the metaphorical bloodhound) work out how to get your message in front of the clients that Benedict the metaphorical bloodhound found, at the right time.
  6. Benedict (the real…you get the idea) negotiates a price with the media who are going to put your message in front of the right people. Some of the media will be free, but it’s the old adage, you get what you pay for. We pass that quote on to you. We also come up with more free and original ideas.
  7. We discuss, and you decide, how to spend your marketing money. (Note: we do not ask you your budget first and then help you spend it. We find your marketing media and tell you what they could cost. If we have done our job well – which is the intention – you’ll have money spare to spend on other important things, like a new doormat.)
  8. Benedict takes care of the technical side, the design and the words. You give them final approval. Your message gets put in front of your clients.
  9. Once you’re happy with how it’s all gone, you pay the media we’ve arranged, and Benedict a small commission, according to how much work we had to do to get you into or onto that media, and an appropriate fee for creative work and time spent.
  10. You watch the new doormat wear out.
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