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This page used to start thus:

‘That’s a stretch. It should read “about me”. I’m a one-man band, for the moment. I hope to have some company before long…’

Updating this in 2016, I do have some company. Benedict Marketing has a team that includes Jo F, a highly efficient assistant and data processing person, Mark G, who organizes the distribution of My Week in… and much else besides, and a growing network of graphic designers, delivery boys and girls, scene painters, actors, voiceover artists, performing penguins…

Not quite. But we will one day.

My name is Mark Kitto and I’ve lived in Norfolk for thirty odd years, although most of that was in China. When I was there I built a series of English language city listings magazines. They were quite successful. The sad proof is that the Chinese government pinched them. I went to live on a mountain near Shanghai, set up a restaurant and coffee shop, the Moganshan Lodge, with my family, along with some guesthouses, wrote a book, China Cuckoo, How I lost a fortune and found a life in China, and kept in touch with the world via a column for London’s Prospect Magazine. In 2014 the story of the media business was published as That’s China.

For sporadically up-to-date posts on how I am we are getting on, visit Bene Dictus.

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